Text Box: Text Box: The Latest News And Important Dates
Text Box: On January 6th, 2012, the Royal Family gathered to celebrate the birthday of Her Royal Highness, The Grand Duchess Lydia. The event was hosted by the German Ambassador.  In recognition of the event, Her Highness was bestowed with commorative beer stein made of cut crystal for her private collection.  As a special surprise, Her Highness’ cousin, the Duke of Wintenberg, was able to attend.  A rousing polka was written in her honor.  The Princessen Polka will now be played in addition to all other Epiphany celebration music in Ruritania.
Text Box: Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia, made a Royal visit to the Las Vegas consulate, maintained by the Duchess of Tarlenheim.  Among events on the itinerary was a State Dinner, which was attended by the comedians Penn and Teller.  Her Majesty’s journey to Las Vegas took her through Athens, Venice, Monte Carlo, and Paris.  Her Majesty is proud to report that while gambling was involved in her trip, she did not lose the crown jewels.
Text Box: On October 22nd, 2011, Her Grace, The Grand Duchess Julianna, visited the County of Pumpkenya for the annual carving of the pumpkins.  Her Grace’s efforts can be seen below, as those of the finalists in the pumpkin carving contest.
Text Box: Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia, has made the following address to the people of Ruritania:
Greetings to the People of Ruritania!   This last year has seen all of us face many challenges.   The world economy has adversely affected even our remote and isolated land.  Many of us have had to reconsider past decisions, re-think our attitudes and policies, and retrench our positions merely to survive.  These outside threats have been both physical and emotional, as well as financial.  Some have been devastating.   
Yet, as always, we persevere.  We have reached deep within us and found the strength to carry on through great loss.  We have met these challenges as we have met our enemies and, despite all odds, we have survived.  This is our greatest treasure.  The Will and the Determination of our people has carried us through centuries of threats from the world outside our borders.  The People of Ruritania, much like the ancient Spartans, fight for what we hold dear and refuse to relinquish our goals or our way of life.   
The coming year, 2012, will bring new challenges for all our citizens.  This is inevitable.  The world turns and our lives change.  Our spirit remains.  Our strength lies not in vast numbers or huge armies, but in our individualism.  Our separate talents join together to make a greater whole.  We will go forward, confident in the knowledge that beside and behind each of us are those upon whom we can depend.  Should we fall, should we fail in our endeavors, others will give us aid and another will take up our standard to carry it on.  We are Ruritania! 
Text Box: In March of 2012, H.R.H. The Grand Duchess Julianna journeyed to the new consulate in Las Vegas, Nevada, and stayed with the consul-general the Duchess Gretchen von Tarlenheim.  While there, she instigated several design additions to the new consulate. Among the state functions she attended, there were several state dinners held in her honor.  She also spent an enjoyable evening meeting the local dignitaries.  On her journey, she was a guest of the Venetian principality.   
Text Box: On April 22nd, 2012, a grand ball was held in honor of Her Majesty’s birthday.  The Order of the Blue Primrose was put on alert due to a mysterious illness contracted by The Grand Duchess Lydia.  All fears have been put to rest, as she is recovering well, and no further suspicions have been voiced about the Swiss Consortium. 
Text Box: The Royal Family would like to extend their appreciation to the motion picture studios for the many invitations they have received for film premiers during this current season.  It is with deepest regrets that not the Royal Family is unable to attend all of the events.  The Royal Family is considering several offers from Hollywood studios to film upcoming projects within Ruritania.
Text Box: Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia, has recently had summits with both The Kingdom of Royal Edan and The Terran Federation.  Both were extremely successful.  All three Georgian Micronations are looking forward to future talks and conferences.  We are open to future summits with other micronations at any time. 
Text Box: In an interesting turn of events, the Chancellor’s Office has been approached by two separate Hollywood  documentary filmmakers to discuss micronationism.  We are in talks with both of them.
Text Box: Her Royal Highness, Grand Duchess Lydia, and her consort Prince Golovkin recently returned from a Royal visit to the Arizonian Consulate.  It was quite productive, as a fine night at the casino was had by all.
Text Box: New coins have been pressed by the Royal Mint.  We now have a 1 Guilder coin and a 1 Kronen coin.  These have been made in house and the 1 Guilder coin is shown here:

Additionally, a 10 Guilder coin has been minted by JFVCoins.com  Collectors may want to know that these are available for purchase at  their site.
Text Box: The Royal Family has announced the immanent dissolution of the marriage of Grand Duchess Lydia and Prince Golovkin.  No details are forthcoming at this time, but HRH, the Grand Duchess, has established a separate residence near the Royal Palace and security has been noticeably increased.
Text Box: Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia, has just returned from a royal sojourn at the Las Vegas Consulate, where she visited the Duchess of Tarlenheim.  While  in the American West, Her Majesty paid a State Visit with the Republic of Molossia.  During her diplomatic meeting with His Excellency, Kevin Baugh, the President of Molossia, Queen Anastasia bestowed upon him the title of Knight of the Royal Order of Henry the Lion.  The last person given this honor was Sir Mel Brooks in 2010.  During the official tour, the following photos were taken of the Heads of State visiting the loyal residents of Molossia.
These photos show President and First Lady Baugh with Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia; Lady Elizabeth, Duchess of Tarlenheim in the Avonalonian Blue; and the Capital City of Molossia.
Text Box: Congratulations are sent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the celebration of the birth of their first child, Prince George Alexander Louis Windsor.  We would like to remind them that Princess Charlotte has yet to be betrothed  should the Royal Family be looking to make an alliance .
Text Box: And we’re back!  We apologize for the lack of updates.  This was due to technical difficulties.  These issues have been resolved, and we will be issuing updates much more regularly.
Text Box: The Royal Family would like to thank all those who have sent their condolences over the recent passing of Chancellor von Strofzia.